Haki is a mysterious power that allows us to utilize our own spiritual energy for various purposes.








2% Buy, 4% Sell

Max Supply

10.000 Haki

About Haki

Haki can be used to sense people’s spiritual energy and predict their actions (Observation Haki), give the user a protective coating of spiritual energy (Armament Haki), and, for a certain group of chosen ones, overpower the willpower of others (Conqueror’s Haki).

We project all Haki types onto our project – protect holders at all costs, predict market movements and use all our efforts to conquer every other token.

NFT Minting

“The Four Emperors” is the first collection of Haki NFTs containing 1001 unique hand-drawn paintings.

Each NFT is unique and exclusive based on dozens of traits and rarity levels.

Owning a Haki NFT gets you into exclusive places in our ecosystem.

1001 NFTs

Start minting your Yonko NFTs today and don’t miss any future advantages.

Monthly rewards

Stake your Haki NFTs and earn up to $80 per NFT a month!

NFT Staking

Stake your Haki NFTs now and get monthly Haki airdrops!

The airdrop amount you receive depends on the rarity of your staked NFTs. Owners who stake their legendary NFTs get $80 per month!

Coming this month!

Haki DAO

Haki cant evolve without its community, therefore all Haki holders have an impact on the project with their vote power.

Help the team by proposing your ideas, review community proposals and earn tokens while voting!

Coming soon!

Buyback & Burn

With every successful Haki DAO proposal, the team will do a buyback and burn tokens.


Phase 1

Phase 2